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Digital Auctions

When you can’t join us in-lane, we have several digital options for you to use for buying and selling.


  • America’s 365 
  • Outside the Gate 
  • Edge Simulcast 
  • Edge Pipeline 
  • Third-Party Remarketing Sites

Quickly access AAA 365’s expansive inventory selection within a trustworthy, adaptable experience. 

With a sense of urgency found only in a live auction, vehicles are bought and sold in 60 seconds. AAA 365 live auctions start every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. CST and have a run-list that allows buyers to hone in on vehicles of interest 

  • Run Lists 
  • Sale every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. PLUS – Daily Hourly Auctions 
  • Starting prices 
  • Vehicles bought and sold in 60 seconds 
  • Transparent bidding so that buyers can see who they are up against 
  • Separate Lanes 
  • Mandatory reserves vehicles

Use America’s Auto Auction Kansas City’s Outside The Gate to list and manage your aged inventory on wholesale marketplaces as you offer it on your retail lot. 


Let us help your dealership increase efficiency while maximizing your market exposure. 

  • Allows you to wholesale and retail at the same time 
  • Customizable for aged launch date and pricing guidelines 
  • Connects to your Inventory Management System to list aged inventory for wholesale on industry platforms 
  • Dealership is responsible for disclosing structure and mechanical issues 
  • Set default tread if you’re not capturing it in your Inventory Management System 
  • AAA Kansas City will process titles and payments on sold vehicles

Edge Pipeline allows dealers to preview, source and purchase vehicles online from America’s Auto Auction Kansas City.


Attend and participate in live auctions via Edge Simulcast. With Edge Simulcast, customers can place pre-bids, attend the sale, and buy units remotely. Consignors may also represent their units online with Edge Simulcast.

Third-Party Remarketing Sites

When you consign on SmartAuction or, select America’s Auto Auction Kansas City as your facilitating auction and we’ll work hard to market your cars to potential buyers. More exposure translates into more sales, and we’re here to help make that happen for you. 

For more information about buying and selling online with AAA Kansas City, please contact our Digital Sales Team at 816.502.3318.