Doug’s Market Message

Doug Doll

September 26, 2016

Good consignment brought buyers in across the Midwest for last week’s sale. Despite the fall market setting in, we had great lane activity which led to a good conversion rate.

This week we are anticipating another great sale with our month-end blow out. We will consign 1,000 corporate and dealer units and will host our monthly Equipment Auction at 12:00 pm. It will be a sale that you don’t want to miss.

We are moving dirt! Our lot expansion has begun and it is a welcomed sight. If everything goes as planned, we expect the expansion to be complete by November 19th.

This week’s trivia: Arnold Palmer became the first golfer to do what in 1955?

– I look forward to seeing you in the lanes,

Quote of the Week:
“Just because you were born talented doesn’t mean you are the best. There will be someone working harder than you and that person will succeed.” – Sports Motivation