Doug’s Market Message

Doug Doll

February, 2017

January is in the books and it was a good month. Our consignment numbers were up which resulted in higher sales volumes. Unfortunately, the tax money is slow hitting the retail market which is naturally affecting the wholesale market. After speaking with several customers, I don’t think the tax season will hit until the end of February.

Our team is preparing for a tremendous month with weekly in lane promotions and our Cyber Sale scheduled for the 16th. The Cyber Sale will feature 1300 corporate and dealer units, online incentives and $5,000 in post-sale prizes. I hope each of you make plans to join us for this exciting month.

Starting this month, we will no longer print invoices for vehicles sold on an IF. When you purchase an IF, our sales team will contact you with an answer and provide an invoice only if the vehicle sells. This is our attempt to provide you with a better customer experience.

– I look forward to seeing you in the lanes,

“It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” – Charles Spurgeon