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America’s Auto Auction Kansas City’s Buyer Protection Plan (BPP) is a tool that we provide to help make your buying time more productive. Fundamentally, all of the representations made in the course of offering a vehicle for sale at AAA Kansas City are made by and are the responsibility of the seller. The responsibility for confirming those representations in a timely manner falls with the buyer.

Purchasing a BPP, allows us to carry out those responsibilities on your behalf and if necessary, begin the process of arbitration in the event of a discrepancy. Additionally, the BPP provides you with the assurance that, in the event of a problem that is not detected in the inspection of the vehicle, you will have our support and participation in resolving that problem.

 How It Works


  1. On sale day, let your AAA Kansas City Sales Rep know if you would like to purchase a BPP. Online buyers will receive a phone call from AAA Kansas City staff and will be asked whether or not they would like a BPP on qualifying units;
  2. Check with our front office staff before you leave the auction on sale day to receive the status of your BPP inspection;
  3. When the vehicle arrives at your dealership, perform a standard safety & service inspection;
  4.  If a defect or required repair surfaces in a system or component that is specifically covered by the auction’s Policy within the required BPP time we will reimburse you for the repair, choose to repair the vehicle, or void the sale


BPP Conditions


  1. Only “Green Light” vehicles are eligible;
  2. AAA Kansas City must receive notice of any problems by close of business either 7 or 14 business days following the sale, depending upon the program option purchased. Sale Day is Day #1. The vehicle must be delivered at the buyer’s expense to AAA Kansas City for repairs;
  3. Verification of diagnosis and repair estimates will be provided by AAA Kansas City, or at a shop selected by AAA Kansas City. The Auction, at its discretion, will void the sale or repair the vehicle;
  4. Vehicles that have been damaged or misused after leaving the auction premises or have 100 or more additional miles on the odometer from the time of purchase are disqualified from Buyer Protection Plan eligibility;
  5. If a defect or required repair surfaces in a system or component that is specifically covered by the auction’s Policy within the required BPP time (either 7 or 14 days) we will reimburse you for the repair, chose to repair the vehicle, or void the sale;
  6. Any compensation, price adjustment or repair made under the Buyer Protection Plan are subject to AAA Kansas City’s General Policies and may change from time to time without notice;
  7.  Buyer Protection Plan Coverage applies to the initial wholesale auction vehicle purchase and is not transferable to any other wholesale or retail transactions;

*It is the responsibility of each customer to thoroughly review and be familiar with AAA Kansas City’s General Policies. General Policies are available online at www.aaakc.com, identify all covered systems and include additional information. AAA Kansas City Policies are consistent and primarily follow National Auto Auction Association guidelines (exceptions are noted).